Controlling Your Garage Door Opener with a Smartphone: Top 5 iOS and Android Apps

Smartphones are used worldwide for navigating a multitude of important day-to-day activities – from controlling home appliance to turn-by-turn driving directions. If we take into consideration that by 2022 a typical household could contain more than 500 smart devices, it is evident that we will be able to control most of the appliances with our smartphones.

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According to Chamberlain Group report, 71% of homeowners worldwide are using garage door opener, which makes it the number one most frequently used smart home device. Remote controls and keypads are slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past, with smartphones taking their place as the new age front door keys. What makes controlling your garage door via smartphone so appealing is the fact that you are not required to carry an additional remote control that you are highly likely to lose.

Smartphone control – The basics

What you will need in order to connect your phone to the garage door opener is an Android or iOS Smartphone or tablet, a Bluetooth receiver and the appropriate app.

The installation process does not take more than 2 minutes. First, connect a Bluetooth receiver to the garage door opener, then download the app of your choosing and pair it up with the Bluetooth receiver. After the two devices are paired, use the smartphone app to open and close the garage door with one tap of the screen.

Top 5 apps

Which apps are considered the most popular on the market and why? Read the following article to familiarize yourself with some of the basic features of top 5 smartphone apps and chose the one that you believe will best suit your needs.

1. BTmate Garage Mate App

When you’re in need of an app that allows you to control multiple garage doors, then GarageMate is your most reliable partner. Whether you own Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Legacy or Raynor, you can rest assured you will be able to control your garage door with GarageMate from BTmate. The Bluetooth set is securely paired with your smartphone via the Android application which takes the function of a remote control. The range in which you can operate is around 30ft (10m).garage mate app review

2. Craftsman Garage Door

If you are a proud owner of Craftsman garage door opener, Craftsman Garage Door app by Sears should be your one and only choice. Unlike GarageMate, this particular app is compatible only with garage door openers manufactured by Craftsman. However, what makes it so attractive to a multitude of users is that fact that it doesn’t rely on Bluetooth, but uses full internet connectivity instead. Furthermore, Craftsman Garage Door app enables you to check whether you have left the garage door opened from anyplace, the only condition being that you have internet access.

craftsman garage door app

3. Liftmaster MyQ Home Control

Available both for Android and iOS users, Liftmaster MyQ Home Control is surely one of the most popular apps among the garage door opener owners. What sets it apart from its competitors is the fact that it works together with MyQ-enabled garage door openers, as well as gate operators and house lights, regardless of your location (as long as you have internet access). Liftmaster MyQ Home Control is ideal for all homeowners who want to be able to monitor their garage door from anyplace and control the lights. This app also enables you to adjust security levels, as it comes with a passcode option.

4. MyDoorOpener Elite

MyDoorOpener Elite is the synonym for multifunctionality. In addition to being another iOS app for controlling garage door opener, it can also be used as a control hub for remote control of things such as your home security system. Furthermore, MyDoorOpener Elite can control a fireplace, as well as the ceiling fans, allowing you to set the temperature of your home. What many emphasize as its finest feature is the option to get text messages each time your garage door is opened.

5. miDoor

miDoor is an internet-enabled device which allows you to remotely monitor and control your garage or gate. As it allows you to create multiple-user profiles, miDoor app is ideal for households with multiple family members who are drivers. It provides you with several types of alarms, notifying you each time your garage door is activated unexpectedly.

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To provide your home with the highest level of security, replace traditional remote controls and wireless keypads with smartphones and have total control over your garage door from anyplace. Never again will you worry that you have left your garage door opened, thus putting your home at risk.

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