Lost Your Garage Door Remote Control? Here are 6 Ways to Address this Issue

Since almost 50% of garage door opener users opt for a remote control as a way of gaining access to their garage, misplacing the device might cause some serious inconvenience. Many are those who decide to use their hands to open the door, however, garage doors made of heavy materials such as steel or aluminum are quite difficult to open manually. If it happens that you lose your remote control, it is best to approach the problem the other way around. To resolve the issue, check out the following article for the 6 steps you can take if you find yourself in such situation.

0. Check (all of) your car(s)

lost remote garageMore often than not, people tend to misplace their things in the most obvious place. Think just how many times you’ve looked for your keys only to find them in your purse, or how many times you have looked for your phone when it was in your hand the entire time? Our guess is – way too many. For this reason, before moving on to some of the steps listed below, check to see whether you’ve left it in your car. Especially in households that own more than one car and only one remote control, it can easily stay trapped in one of the vehicles without you even knowing. So retrace your and other family members’ steps and you might just find your luck.

1. Erase all of the controls

Since statistics reveal that in the U.S. there are around four burglaries occurring every minute, it is highly possible that you haven’t really lost your remote control but that it has been stolen. For this reason, it is of utmost importance to erase all controls. In order to do this, press and hold the learn code button for about 10 seconds until the red LED light stops blinking.

2. Check for a lock switch

Certain types of garage door openers come awith a lock switch as a part of the unit. Although we might have got used to operating our garage doors with wireless devices and remote controls, most types of garage door openers come with an interior button or the exterior pad that you can use to open the garage door.

3. Use the instruction manual

Go back to the beginning and refer to the manual to take a look at the model of your garage door opener. Commonly, manuals contain information on how to deal with the most common garage door opener issues (lost remote control being one of them). If you don’t find it useful, you can always find a tutorial video on YouTube filmed by a professional.

4. Do some smart shopping

Depending on the type of the garage door opener you own, you might easily solve the problem by getting a new remote control. It is also possible to find the exact same one you had before, but you will have to program it to work with the garage door opener you have installed in your home. First check to see whether it is Genie, Liftmaster, Alistar, Carper or any other, and once you have the name find the adequate remote to operate it.

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5. Opt for a universal remote control

On the other hand, if you are not looking to spend much time on searching for matching remote control, you can always go for a universal one. They work with almost all types of garage door openers and are easy to program thanks to the manuals that come in a package with them. In fact, it is advisable to always keep a universal garage door opener in your home, so if you happen to lose the original remote you have one at your hand’s reach.

6. The right man for the job

If all else fails, you can always contact a professional to do the job, as a locksmith can help you reset the code and gain access to your garage in no time.

Nevertheless, it’s important to understand that remote controls and wireless keypads are becoming a thing of the past and smartphones are slowly but surely taking their place. With this in mind, we provide you with one last advice for the future – opt for an Android or iOS app. Not only is it an extremely practical way of controlling and monitoring your garage door, but you will no longer have to worry about misplacing the remote control. For more information on how to control you garage door opener with a smartphone, check out the article we’ve published earlier

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